una strada diritta lunga












script, producction, direction



a straight long road

1994, 35mm, 5’ (director’s cut: 8’)

There is a man cycling along a straight road that goes across the flat countryside. At once, he meets a man walking on the other side of the road in the opposite direction: he wears a bandage on both nose and foot, and walks leaning on a crutch. The man riding bicycle goes on. Further on he meets a woman, then another man; they are both somewhat hurt and go on crutches, painfully. The cyclist gets more and more pensive. Going beyond this last bruised person, he turns back to look at the oddity...

A surrealistic vision of the hopeful and dangerous road of life. It makes you think and it makes you laugh. Its philosophical wisdom shows the spirit of Hans Christian Andersen” (Kirsten Thorup, 1995).

World Premiere : 47e Festival Int. du Film, court-métrage en compétition, CANNES, May 1994.

Prizes (selection):

16e Festival du Cinéma Méditerranéen, Montpellier, France, Oct.’94:

- Gran Prix de la Ville de Montpellier, (first prize)

- Prix de Canal+

20ème Festival International, Mons, Belgium, March’95: Singes d’Or (1st prize)

3rd Med. Fest. of New Filmakers, Larissa, Greece, Apr.’95: Jury Special Mention

11th International Odense Film Festival, Danmark, August ‘95: Jury prize

Festivals (selection):

- 47e Festival Int. du Film, court-métrage en compétition, Cannes, May 1994.

  1. -41st Sydney International Film Festival, Australia, June 1994.

  2. -

- 1st Film West, Milperra, Australia, July 1994.

- 14e Festival Intern. du Film de Comédie, Vevey, Switzerland, July 1994.

- V Festival Internacional de Curtas-metragens, San Paolo, Brasil, August 1994.

- The World Film Festival, Montreal, Canada, August/September 1994.

- 23° Festival Intern. de Cinema, Figueira da Foz, Portugal, September 1994.

- 39th Cork Film Festival, EIRE, October 1994.

- 21° Internationaal Filmfestival van Vlaanderen, Gent, Belgium, October 1994.

- 30th Chicago International Film Festival, USA, October 1994.

- 39a Semana Internacional de Cine, Valladolid, Spain, October 1994.

- 16e Festival du Cinéma Méditerranéen, Montpellier, Francia, October 1994.

- 13th International Uppsala Short Film Festival, Sweden, October 1994.

- Umbria Film Festival, Perugia, Italy, October 1994.

- Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Taiwan, November 1994.

- Torino Int. Film Festival, Italy, November 1994.

- Festival du Film des Cultures Méditerranéennes, Bastia, France, November 1994.

- 38th London Film Festival, United Kingdom, November 1994.

- Ombre Corte, Roma, Italy, November 1994.

- 36° Festival Int.de Cine, Bilbao, Spain, December 1994.

- Festival of Italian Cinema, Annecy, France, December 1994.

- II Mostra de Cinema Alternatiu, Barcelona, Spain, December 1994.

- Il Cinema Invisibile, Bologna, Italy, December 1994.

- 10th Fringe Film Festival, Edimburgh, Scotland, February 1995.

- Festival Int. du Film Court, Mons, Belgium, March 1995.

- 3rd Mediterranean Festival of New Filmmakers, Larissa, Greece,March 1995.

- 7th Filmfest, Dresden, Germany, April 1995.

- 32nd Int.Film Festival, Cracow, Poland, May’ 1995.

- 23rd Certamen Int.de Films Cortos, Huesca, Spain, June 1995.

- Film Feast, New Zealand, June 1995.

- 2° Festival del cortometraggio, Capalbio, Italy, July 1995.

  1. -11th Int.Film Festival, Odense, Danmark, August 1995.

- Festival Mondial du cinéma de Courts Métrages, October 1995.

- Cleveland Int’l Film Festival, USA, February 1996.

- Giornate del Cinema Italiano, Rimini, Italy, March 1996.

- 6° Semana de Cine Experimental de Madrid, Spain, April 1996.

- 24° Festival Int. de Cinema do Algarve, Portugal, May 1996.

- Amarcort, Cesano Boscone, Italy, June 1996.

- Premio Massimo Troisi, S.Giorgio a Cremano, Italy, June 1996.

- Festival del Cinema, Wilhelmshaven, Germany, September 1996.

- Festival Int.del Cinema, Rouyn Nouranda, Canada, September 1996.

- II° Alpe Adria Cinema, Trieste, Italy, January 1997.

- Rencontre France/Italie, Academie de France à Rome, June 1998.

- Mostra del Cinema Nuovo, Pesaro, Italy, October 1999.

- Elektrozine, Ibiza, Spain, April 2000.

- inCURT, Tarragona, Spain, Italy, June 2003.

  1. -Cortowave, Arezzo, Italy, july 2003.

- Bicycle Film Festival, New York, May 2004.

- TIME FF Lausanne, Switzerland, May 2006.

- Festival International de Cinéma d'Aix-en-Provence et du Pays d'Aix, France, 2006.

  1. -Festival “Delle due Città” Treviso, Italy, 2007.

  1. -Corto su di te, Tivoli, Italy, 2010.

  1. -Lago Film Fest, Revine Lago, Italy, 2011.

- Una strada diritta lunga vent’anni, Ospizio Giovani Artisti, Roma, Italy, 2014

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