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Rimini/Italy/1963. He lives and works in Rome/Italy. Interested in innovative experimental dynamics that are neo-conceptual and situational, characterized by a taste for the ironic and surreal, Werther Germondari has experimented since the eighties through many different expressive media (from painting to installations, photography to film, videos to live performance), focusing attention on hidden elements, related to a real, social and political vision. Germondari's works have also been shown in many group and solo exhibitions where he focuses on hidden elements highlighted in styles.

Rimini/1963. Vive e lavora a Roma. Attento a dinamiche innovative sperimentali neo concettuali e situazioniste, che si caratterizzano di un gusto ironico e surreale, Werther Germondari svolge da gli anni ottanta una ricerca che si attua attraverso numerosi media espressivi. Ha partecipato ad esposizioni in gallerie private e spazi sperimentali, alternando installazioni d’ambiente, videowork, e atti performativi, focalizzando l’attenzione su elementi nascosti, attinenti ad una visione reale, sociale e politica.


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