Ironic performance 'in fetish sauce' about the attention, in the vegan gastronomic practice, in preparing the vegetable ingredients treating them with respect, to have a better yield...

Video about the performance ‘Sado Vegan Session' realized for the group art exhibition "Pornotismo", Studio Campo Boario, in Roma, Italy, the 2nd of December 2017.

’Sado Vegan Session’ is one of the episodes that will form ’Sex Novo', second of the three movies of the film project 'Tractatus logico-phileroticus’. Designed in 1998 by Werther Germondari, the 'Tractatus logico-phileroticus' is a work in progress for the realization of three art-works in the form of long features films about sex and sexuality in every ‘form'.

Screenings: Vieni? Catania Porn Film Fest, Italy, May 2019; Bizzarro Film FestivalBologna, Italy, June 2019; Kinky Bizarre Bunch, Roma, Italy, June 2019; Nachtschatten BDSM IFF, Munich, Germany, June 2019.

SVS playbill Bizzarro FF 2019
Sado Vegan Session still1

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