SEX EQUO, 2011, S16mm, 63' - reviews

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“A series of short stories with a fetish, eccentric, porn, and funny sexuality, in the same remixed and exasperated tone of Italian picaresque comedies. There can’t be any possible linear storytelling in this lesson of sexual misbehaving, because Germondari & Spagnoli’s four eyes see a lot more than a single pair and have a lot less guilt than many. So, high impact voyeurism is the base here for a whole festive imagery of sex, no matter how strange, vulgar, or chic it may be, seem or look. This new cinematographic Kamasutra features Adam and Eve in a paradise of infinitely tempting red apples, a pornographer focused on his Little Red Riding Hood, an androgynous shooter, some playful bi sexuality, multiple-use inflatable bodies, and other indecent fun elements of the flesh. And all that in the context of Italian architecture, which even if it seems touristic, it draws an appealing key on each door to explore other locations of pleasure. You just have to know how to look and enjoy”. (Buenos Aires - Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente 2011)

"A moving love story with blow-up dolls; what a man will do in order to have sex with a mysterious stranger; a dominatrix with a very specialized skill – these are just some of the stories in this highly original, surreal and most importantly, very funny collection of tales about sex from Italy. Introduced by Adam and Eve who are suitably obsessed with forbidden fruits, these absurd tales reminded us why sex is the hidden driving force behind the human existence. One of the highlights of the festival and not to be missed". (The Pineapple Underground Film Festival, Hong Kong, 2011)

There are plenty of erotic and pornographic short film collections/anthologies out there, and Lord knows I have watched many of them. So the idea of it wasn't new when I went into "Sex Equo", but the thing that I found interesting about this one is that the stories are actually not focusing on the sex, but to be fun, sweet short films ABOUT sex. I often stumble upon these collections/anthologies that are all trying to feature artistic stories but the highlight remains the sex, and many of them get rather boring after a while. So it was very fun to watch this comedy/drama anthology which only has a theme of sex, rather than being pornography. (...) "Sex Equo" is quite a funny and little sweet anthology of sex stories. Some of them are more erotic and explicit than others, but they all come off as being entertaining. And also with a sort of arthouse feeling to it, without being pretentious or in-your-face about it. I enjoyed this, and it turned out to be much better than just another compilation of porn shorts. It won't top your lists of masterful erotic cinema, but if you watch it in the right mood it should at least tickle your funny bone. At least it does that! []

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