ARROCCO / CASTLING, 1986, Super8, 5’/8’


“Werther Germondari’s Castling condenses real time into filmic time. Colour is magically layered as a railway tower for the provision of water is broken to pieces” (New Visions, Glasgow, 1994).

foto arrocco

concept / realization


screenings/exhibitions (selection):

NEW VISIONS, Glasgow, UK, 1994

VIVA 8, London, UK, 1994

SUBDYNAMICS/EVENTO, Galleria A.Melari, Roma, Italy, 1993

AVE FESTIVAL, Arnhem, Holland, 1993

EVENTI/INTERVENTI, solo exhibition, Ex-Pescheria Galleria d’Arte, Cesena, Italy, 1993

7° FESTIVAL DI FILM E VIDEO ‘ROUND88’, Rimini, Italy, 1988

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