Werther Germondari, Lorenzo Papanti, STRATEGIE DELLE TENSIONI, solo exhibitions, OGA, Roma, 7-28/5/2018

Two works by Lorenzo Papanti and Werther Germondari, realized after 24 years from each other, dialogue in the spaces of the OGA. In 'Traction / Compression', Papanti's 2017 video, "every entity is continually subjected, within its subject, by opposing efforts of traction and compression, in a perennial, intangible condition. Through the visual overturning, the two opposites are isolated and shown in their drama, in the always vain effort of removal and approach ". In the documentation presented concerning 'The Weight', an installation created in 1993 by Germondari at the center of a personal exhibition in Cesena (curated by the critic and art historian Roberto Daolio) is the weight of art and science (represented together by images of DNArt, made since 1991 by Germondari with real fragments of human DNA) to measure and compress on two weight scales. This is what Daolio wrote in the presentation of the exhibition: "for Germondari, the tension between design logic and models of intervention and symbolic elaboration, in direct contact with the possibilities of the event, unfolds in the confrontation and in the cognitive and pluridirectional interaction”.

Lorenzo Papanti (Pontedera, Italy, 1989) works in the field of visual arts, particularly in video art. The investigation of the physical and mental space, the perception of matter and the laws that govern it through the performative action, represent a constant of his artistic research, questioning the apparently univocal relationship between object and subject. In 2017 he was chosen by Roberto Ronca for 'Contemporary Visions', an event that involves video art in an articulated and shared path in different parts of the world.

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