D.N.A.rt, 1993, 15'

D.N.A.rt: fragments by unknowns: D.N.A.rt bromographies are drawn from images representing fragments of human D.N.A.(from the Institute of Biology “C.N.R.” in Rome. The images can be seen as real portraits, each one seen by means of a fragment of the genetic code. The intention is try to realize a portrait series to recall the “unknown portraits” of the italian Renaissance. In ‘D.N.A.rt: genetic interventions’ the intention is to create arbitrary coupling of people by the overlapping of different “fragments by unknowns”, recognizable by several colours of each one. (Werther Germondari, 1991)

DNArt (1992) videostill

D.N.A.rt, 1993, videostill

WERTHICALIZZ’AZIONI, installation, PolitecnicoXXArte, Roma, Italy, 1994

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