NIX (the director’s cut), 2020, HDV, 49"


A director's cut... since long time interested in innovative experimental dynamics that are neo-conceptual and situational, but also characterized by a taste for the ironic and surreal, Werther Germondari in this case tries to 'play', joking on one of the more stereotyped 'definitions' of the cinema, bringing it in the visual art, and making also an 'hommage' to Lucio Fontana and his cuts on the canvas.

Exhibitions: Nicht Museum Zeitgemasser Kunst, Neumarkt, Dresden, Germany, 2020; Corto Circuito Cinema Festival, Senigallia, Italy, July 2022; Shit in the Dirt FF, Portland, USA, 2022; Incontri ravvicinati tra arte e cinema, Studio Campo Boario, Roma, Italy, March 2023


Nix still

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