OFFICE, 2004, 3’; see also > Office - performance

“In him ‘Office' performance study, Italian artist Werther Germondari gets to the camera constantly rotating on chair to him and chair's legs, he is taken to the camera himself at the same time. It is observed to observer and obsevation thing together in this video". (Sinasi Gunes)

locandina Office x Vimeo

video screenings (selection):

Premio Dino Villani 2004 > Arte Digitale, Sassuolo, Italy

Videofest, MONA, Detroit, USA, 2005

IMAF7 "AB - OVO"Multimedial Art Studio, Odžaci, Serbia, 2005

Obsession, group exhibition, GALERI-X, Istanbul, Turkey, 2005

Perfopuerto, Galería Animal en Santiago, Chile, 2005

Visitors, Video Art Activity, Canakkale, Turkey, 2010

Reduplication of Real, TactileBosch gallery&studio, Cardiff, UK, 2010

Transvideoplay, Junin, Argentine, 2010

Articolo4, Torre Viscontea, Lecco, Italy, 2012

Prigionie Invisibili, Casa del Cinema, Roma, Italy, 2015

Werther Germondari, VideoArt Works, John Cabot University, Roma, Italy, 2015

Eruzioni festival 2008poster Visitors flyer
Reduplication o the real
Piccola Scena Digitale

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