FUCKOUGH (2019, 11’)

Sex, betrayal and revenge. 'Coughing' love of a quiet married couple

Fuckough in this version wasin the end not included in Sex Novo, and is only visible as a single episode, while FuckoughXXX' is one of the episodes that will compose the movie '(S)explicitus', last of the three long feature films of the triptych of the 'Tractatus logico-phileroticus’.

Screenings: 10th Naughty­-Frivolous FF 2019, Berlin, Germany, May 2019; Vieni? Catania PornFest, May 2019, XXX VersionBizzarro Film Festival, Bologna, Italy, June 2019; Kinky Bizarre Bunch, Roma, Italy, June 2019; Ce l’ho Corto FF ('Ce l’ho Porno’ section, XXX Version), Bologna, Italy, November 2019; Scream Queer FF, Roma, Italy, October 2023.

with Viky Moore, Werther Germondari, Alice Rottenmayer

script: Werther Germondari

production and direction: Werther Germondari, Maria Laura Spagnoli

        Werther Germondari © 1980 - 2023