HAPPY HOUR (2019, 2’19")

Relaxing aperitif time for Dave, 'the Queer Slave’…

Happy Hour Festivals

The video is part of the Tractatus logico-phileroticus’ project.

Awards: Best Athletic Performance10th Naughty­-Frivolous FF 2019, Berlin, Germany, May 2019

Screenings: The Cinerotic™ Erotic Film Festival - A special to the International Dirty Show® Detroit, USA, February 2019; Briefs Erotic Short Film Competition, Oakland, USA, February 2019; Hacker Porn Film Festival, Roma, Italy, April 2019; 10th Naughty­-Frivolous FF 2019, Berlin, Germany, May 2019; Vieni? - Catania PornFest, Italy, May 2019; Bizzarro Film Festival, Bologna, Italy, June 2019; Kinky Bizarre Bunch, Roma, Italy, June 2019; Hacker Porn goes to BU Festival, Genova, Italy; Nachtschatten BDSM IFF, Munich, Germany, June 2019; Berlin Porn Film Festival, October 2019; Fun Porn Shorts - Thalia Kino, Dresden, Germany, December 2019; Courtmaistrash IFF, Bruxelles, Belgium, January 2020; Toulouse LGBTQ IFF, France, January 2020; Seattle Erotic Art Festival, Seattle, USA, April 2020 (postponed due to COVID-19)Bruxelles International Short FF, Belgium, September 2020; Porn Film Festival, Vienna, Austria, October 2020; ‘Satyrs and Maenads’ Athens Porn Film Festival, Greece, November 2020; Porn Film Nights, Vienna, Austria, June 2021; Brussels Porn Film Festival, Belgium, April 2022; La sera ha l’oro in bocca, Serata Gallardo, Milano, Italy, February 2023.

Concept/Realization: Werther Germondari

with Dave (the Queer Slave), actor also in ‘Smack'

Happy Hour playbill Vienna
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