RETROSPEKTIVE, Kulturtage, OLB Kino, Oldenburg, Germany, 2006

Essence is what gives life its most precious meanings. The essence of amber is princeless in perfumes, the scent and colour of saffron are most sought-after ingredients in international cousine. In the essence of a thing the very core of its nature and character are captured. Werther Germondari and Maria Laura Spagnoli have worked many years to improve the medium of the short film and distil the essence of cinema into internationally successful works. Their offerings are seldom longer than a minute and are stripped to bare essentials regarding visuals and narration. The camera guides the gaze of the audience and helps it along the brief narration. There is never anything to be seen which isn’t necessary, no background disturbs the scenes. This aesthetical purism enthrals audiences and gives the films a special weight. (Retrospektive, Oldenburg Film Festival, Germany, 2006).

Retrospektive_Oldenburg 2006
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